The April 27, 2017 IABC Hong Kong Conference on China was successfully completed!  A big thank you to our speakers, sponsors and partners for the strong support and invaluable input; and to all the communicators who took part in the Conference. We look forward to your active involvement in IABC/Hong Kong in the future. 

Here are event photos of the Conference. Enjoy! 

Photos by Archie Moberly

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Managing Trust Risk: Global Insights from Corporate Affairs Practitioners
Wander Meijer, Director, GlobeScan Asia Pacific

Thu 9 February 2017
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM 

Wander Meijer presented the first results from the new GlobeScan Corporate Peer-to-Peer Exchange, a report based on findings from a global survey of corporate affairs and corporate communications professionals. The report gives the floor to those whose role is to protect and enhance trust for their organisation and summarizes their experience and approach, as well as the breadth of challenges they face in managing trust.

A special thanks to KPMG as the venue sponsor of the talk. 




Preston Lewis, Founder & CEO, Intactic
Past President, IABC San Francisco 

Time: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Date: 8 December 2016
Venue:  BASF Office,   45/F, Jardine House,  1 Connaught Place, Central,  Hong Kong


The role of communicators is to partner with leaders and other internal stakeholders to ensure that we are constantly facilitating an ongoing conversation about how to grow, innovate and modernize our function. To be successful, we need to stay connected to leading practices and trends that are aligned with the constantly shifting employee preferences and expectations. This session will cover the five key factors that leading companies are using to modernize their communications functions and prioritize their initiatives.

With a reputation of working with the most enviable companies in the world for almost twenty years, Preston Lewis is a recognized employee engagement and strategic internal communications thought leader. Based in San Francisco, Preston is an energetic and creative catalyst responsible for driving many of the Intactic client engagements while also creating new thinking and global partnerships. His past and current clients include GE, Roche, Genentech, Starbucks, HP, Isola, Chevron, Merck, McKesson, Intuit and Chanel.

Special thanks to BASF as the venue sponsor of the talk.  



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On 2 November, we had the pleasure of having Ms. Anna Choi, Head of Strategy & Communications for Siemen’s Hong Kong to come to share with our members and guests how Siemens has taken advantage of a combined function to make the most of communications expertise in developing and implementing its business and communications strategy. Creative and interesting approaches for driving active engagement by different stakeholders groups were shared and discussed.

A special thanks to KPMG as the venue sponsor of the talk. 



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