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: Guangzhou, China PRC
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Posted: Dec 16, 2017


The Internal Communications Director for China is responsible for managing the Company’s Internal Communications across China, reporting directly to China CA VP. Direct reports to this role include an Internal Communications Manager and additional trainees in company Leadership Experiences Program. The role is responsible for ensuring that

  1. The segment has a cohesive Internal Communications strategy in place that is aligned to the China business strategy and within the global CA function
  2. The strategy is executed with excellence
  3. The Internal Communications Team is high performing, highly engaged and has a robust talent pipeline

The Internal Communications strategy includes business communications, integration communications, change management communications, culture shift communications, key Associates events, social media management, Associates value proposition communication, PiA and Great Place to Work communications, and other strategic initiatives. 

As a member of China Corporate Affairs Leadership Team, the Internal Communications Director is expected to contribute to the leadership of China CA and people beyond the scope of Internal Communications.


  1. Responsible for the development of the Internal Communications strategy, including clearly defined objectives, plans and programs. The strategy is aligned at China, regional, the global confectionary and Company levels and includes: business communications, integration communications, change management communications, culture shift communications, key Associates events, social media management, Associates value proposition communication, PiA and Great Place to Work communications, MVP, and other strategic initiatives.
  2. Deploy relevant and prioritized corporate/segment key internal communications programs, Confectionary business strategy; manage China communications working together with One CA Communications Center
  3. Create and lead China Associates communications strategy – develop and implement communications programs that build share of voice and reputation through thought leadership, empower and enable Associates ambassadorship, proactive and interactive social media platforms and channels, key events, newsletters, feedback surveys, and support Company story telling.
  4. Lead and charter strategic communications with China Confectionery Leadership Group (CCLG), empower and enable CCLG to co-create, co-own, and contributing to China business turnaround and Confectionery vision.
  5. Responsible for engaging Associates, developing talent and succession planning for Internal Communications team.
  6. Full member of China CA Leadership team ensuring that all Internal Communications matters are appropriately represented within China CA; drive collaboration with other Teams and functions (including External Communications, One CA Communications Center, GRSC, China CA Team, CBUs, Sales, S&F, P&O, Legal, R&D, Supply, Commercial) to inspire and motivate China Associates, preserve and enhance Corporate Reputation, and form the great culture of China Confectionery as guided by Five Principles.
  7. Provide strategic Internal communications counsel to senior business leaders, including Regional President, China Confectionery GM and other Functional leaders. Train senior leaders and deploy their communications internally to build their credibility and corporate reputation.
  8. Lead an expanded scope China Internal Communications team that supports key functions (Supply/Manufacturing, Sales) and events (Sales Conference, All Associate Days, Diversity & Inclusion, Engagement Events etc.). Provide graphics support to the China business through an in-house Graphics team.
  9. Be Subject Matter Experts to China ITO and lead integration communications


To competently perform at a proficient level and be fully qualified, a person would be expected to have:

  1. Key Supporting Leadership Competencies

          Perspective

          Deals with ambiguity

          Organizational agility

          Peer relationships

          Business acumen

          Command skills

          Strategic agility

          Managing vision and purpose

          Standing Alone

          Building effective teams

          Customer focus

  1. Key Functional Competencies & Technical skills

          Internal Communications

          Strong language proficiency, written and verbal

          Stakeholder Management

          Social Media

          Change management

  1. Education: Bachelor degree in business or related field
  2. Experience: Minimum of 8-10 years of business experience at senior level in a corporate environment
  3. Specialized Knowledge Needed to Perform the Role:

          Corporate strategy experience.

          Successful track record of Associates communications

          Corporate communications expert, internal, external and global communications experience preferred.

          Successful experience in leading, managing and developing a team

          Expert and successful experiences in change management

  1. Size of Team: Total team of 2 Associates (IC Manager)
  2. Geographical Scope: Mainland China with all business Units

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