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The communication industry is in the midst of a massive transformation to increasingly sophisticated digital tools that are changing how we do our work and what we are able to deliver. Communicators are having to reevaluate the scope of their work and the composition of their teams as digital technologies become more critical for the businesses they serve.

To address the questions that this transformation raises, IABC Hong Kong has gathered a group of senior communication executives to share insights among peers about the future of our industry, who were asked to share their views on how members of the communication field will embrace high-impact emerging digital technologies, balance team capabilities, and progress a communication career. Asia, which continues to be one of the most dynamic markets for the exploration and integration of digital tools, is uniquely positioned to probe more deeply into this topic.

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Virginia Chi
President, IABC/HK


2019 IABCHK White Paper 

"Who is the communications executive of the digital age?"

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